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3MF Consortium members elect a new executive director as 3MF file format adoption accelerates

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 10, 2022 — The 3MF Consortium, an organization dedicated to advancing a universal specification for 3D printing, announced the appointment of Duann Scott as its new Executive Director. Scott supersedes Luis Baldez, who has served as Executive Director since 2020.

Upon his appointment, Baldez spearheaded the evolution of 3MF from development to adoption. During his tenure, the 3MF file format has seen a significant increase in the number of supported products and customer use cases. 3MF awareness across the industry also grew substantially as an outcome of Baldez’s extensive marketing efforts. Today, 3MF has become the only viable alternative to STL as the primary format for 3D printing interoperability thanks to its completeness and extensibility – in addition to being open source and backed by industry leaders.

“Building upon a strong foundation of technical interoperability, Luis helped users and developers understand the value of adopting 3MF for AM workflows”, said Duann Scott. “Thanks to his leadership, 3MF has grown in awareness, adoption and technical capabilities.”

The appointment of Duann Scott as executive director of the 3MF Consortium signals a renewed commitment to promoting interoperability in additive manufacturing.

A longtime member and advocate of 3MF, Scott brings 15 years’ experience in the additive manufacturing industry at service bureaus, software and hardware companies with roles in business development and marketing. Duann runs the Bits to Atoms consultancy, writes about DfAM, along with working at MIT on additive manufacturing education and additive partnership programs.

“Duann has been a great contributor and champion of the advancement of additive manufacturing and the 3MF standard for a long time,” said Luis Baldez, previously executive director, 3MF Consortium. “He’s constantly thinking of innovative ways to expand our presence and connect the 3MF Consortium with like-minded individuals. I’m honored to have served as 3MF Executive Director and excited to have Duann continue to lead 3MF adoption and applications in advanced manufacturing.”

The 3MF Consortium has been growing steadily since it was founded in 2015, joining the Linux Foundation in 2020. Backed by the biggest names in the design, engineering and manufacturing industries including Autodesk, Microsoft, HP, PTC, Dassault, Siemens, and Hexagon among others and implemented in over 60 products.

The 3MF specification describes an open-source file format for the communication of additive manufacturing data. The specification includes a core geometric representation, to production, slice, material properties, beam lattice, security, and volumetric communication of manufacturing intent.

About the 3MF Consortium

The 3MF Consortium consortium releases and maintains the 3MF specifications that allow design and engineering applications to send full-fidelity 3D models and manufacturing data to various applications, platforms, services, and printers.

About the Linux Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation is supported by more than 1,000 members and is the world’s leading home for collaboration on open source software, open standards, open data, and open hardware.

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