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Meet with 3MF Consortium members at the leading event for Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D Printing.

Formnext is the leading platform for Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D Printing. It is the international meeting point for the next generation of intelligent industrial production, and its seventh annual event is in Frankfurt, Germany, from November 15-18, as well as digitally.

The 3MF Consortium will have a strong presence at Formnext, with members available to discuss the progress of the 3MF standard and its rapid adoption within the additive manufacturing industry. Our recently appointed executive director, Duann Scott, will also be present for this year’s event and available to discuss progress and plans to continue 3MF’s rapid adoption.

Scott has been an active member of 3MF for many years and brings over a decade of experience in additive manufacturing from positions at service bureaus, software companies, and hardware companies; his roles have included business development and marketing. He is the founder of Bits to Atoms, a consultancy that focuses on DfAM. In addition to his work with Bits to Atoms, Duann also writes about additive manufacturing and works as part of the educational team at MIT focused on additive manufacturing partnerships.

If you’re attending Formnext and want to meet with 3MF Consortium members, you can find us at the following booths.

Visit 3MF Consortium Member Booths

3D Systems

hall 11.1, booth D11


hall 11.0, booth B51


hall 11.1, booth D41


hall 12.0, booth E101


hall 12.1, booth D59


hall 12.1, booth C139


hall 12.0, booth E58

Prusa Research

hall 12.1, booth G39


hall 11.1, booth C49


hall 12.0, booth E41


hall 12.1, booth D121


hall 12.0, booth B81R

The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) is a file format designed specifically for 3D printing. It allows design applications to send full-fidelity 3D models to other applications, platforms, services, and printers without losing any data or quality. The 3MF specification allows companies to focus on innovation rather than basic interoperability issues. It is engineered specifically to avoid the problems associated with other 3D file formats.

To learn more about the 3MF file specification, visit member booths in Frankfurt or online.