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3MF Consortium

The File Format Optimized for 3D Printing

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Advancing additive manufacturing with a universal specification for data storage and communication

3MF is an industry consortium working to define a 3D printing format that allows design and engineering applications to send full-fidelity 3D models and additive manufacturing data to a mix of other software, hardware and services. Our goal is to provide a specification that eliminates the issues with previously used file formats that were not optimized for industrial additive manufacturing workflows, and allows companies to focus on innovation, rather than on basic interoperability issues.

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Reducing File Size with .3mf Beam Lattice

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Reduction in File Size Zero Loss of Resolution Lightweight Design AND File at the Same Time The utilization of the 3MF Beam Lattice extension offers distinct advantages in the realm…

Imaginarium Joins the 3MF Consortium

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Imaginarium, India's largest additive manufacturer, has joined the 3MF Consortium as an associate member. By adopting the 3MF file format, Imaginarium streamlines the file exchange process between the company and…