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3MF allows Cura users to save, store and share more than just geometry to 3D printers.
Cura also allows you to save 3D Printer names and settings, as well as build profiles and material settings.

Cura has used 3MF as a default export for Ultimaker 3D Printers since version 3,5 in 2018 and supporting 3MF since 2016.

The following tutorial video by Chep shows how to save all of the geometry and and 3D printer settings in Cura with 3MF.

““Ultimaker strives to evolve 3D printing into a capable, versatile and accessible production technology,” Siert Wijnia, CTO and co-founder of Ultimaker, notes. “For this fast-growing industry to create meaningful progress, we needed a more modern, future-proof and free format that was still easy to implement – 3MF is the answer.””