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How to import 3MF into GrabCAD Print for full color 3D printing and more.

Unlike STL files (which don’t contain color or material information), 3MF is the file of choice for industrial designers who need to 3D print full color prototypes because it delivers a complete package of model information in a single archive.This includes data such as:

Meta data
Information on the interior of the model.

Basically, it holds all the information you need about a model, making it extremely useful for when you’re working between a variety of 3D modeling and rendering software such as KeyShot and SOLIDWORKS, or collaborating on multiple platforms. It also prevents data from getting lost in translation to your Stratasys PolyJet printers.

By utilizing 3MF file import GrabCAD Print supports:

For FDM:


For PolyJet:

Body appearance
Face appearance
Textures and assemblies

Check out the 3MF Compatibility Matrix to see if your design software exports 3MF and to learn why 3MF is better than STL in every case check out our comparison guide.