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Advanced manufacturing workflow software and long time 3MF supporter Authentise has joined the 3MF Consortium as an associate member.

Authentise is a software provider that helps companies like Boeing, Beehive3D and Danfoss use 3MF for data connectivity from design through inspection.

Authentise ensures data connectivity from design through manufacture to inspection using the 3MF format as a core component of the digital thread.

The company’s software delivers end-to-end workflow solutions for additive manufacturing with an MES (manufacturing execution system).

“Collaboration between software is needed for additive manufacturing to accomplish its aims. With over 20 integrations already present in Authentise, we know that better than anybody. To make those collaborations easier, and more seamless, we need a standard that can communicate more than simple geometries. We need information about production types, parameters and more to accompany design files. 3MF is the developer-friendly, extendable way to get there.” Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise.

Authentise were previously featured on the 3MF in the wild series which detailed how their clients use their end to end software, coddles connectors and APIs.

“Andre and the team at Authentise have been early adopters and advocates of the 3MF file format, we are looking forward to incorporating their feedback from customers pushing the limits of additive manufacturing in serial production in highly regulated areas and ensuring the same robust data structures can be used by all.” Duann Scott, Executive Director, 3MF Consortium.

Contact Authentise to learn how their MES, Workflow Management, Materials Management, and Digital Design Warehouse solutions can help your AM workflow with 3MF.

With Authentise’s solutions for AM Workflow Management, Materials Management, Digital Design Warehouse and Agile Workflow Management with a Modular Workflow Infrastructure, you’ll be able to leverage the digital thread to bring transparency and efficiency to your fingertips. Multi-location reporting, compliance and process improvements are core to the platform and with Authentise’s partner integrations you’ll always have best in class tools.

If you are interested in joining the 3MF Consortium as an associate member please contact us.

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