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PanOptimization joins the 3MF Consortium as an Associate Member to adopt 3MF as the most efficient way to pass information from additive manufacturing builds with varying parameter sets to the PanX software to simulate and optimize even the most complex geometries for additive manufacturing in high performance applications including aerospace, defense and energy sectors.

PanOptimization was founded to address the current simulation and optimization needs of the AM market, namely to simulate parts of extreme geometric complexity and to not just predict print outcomes but to improve/optimize them. Traditional AM simulation tools do not address these needs.
PanOptimization licenses the PanX solver (a finite element based engineering software) to users in the aerospace and defense, biomedical, and CAE industries, as well as machine OEMs and universities.
The solver utilizes a novel architecture and FEA meshing approach which allows for fast simulation of very large and complex AM parts (e.g. heat exchangers). PanX also efficiently solves inverse problems using adjoint sensitivity analysis.

“We are joining the 3MF consortium because volumetric 3MF should be an efficient way to pass information from builds with varying parameter sets to FEA solvers, and for us to pass back optimized parameter sets from our solver.”

Pan Michaleris, Ph.D., Founder, PanOptimization

“The 3MF consortium welcomes the PanOptimzation team to join us in accelerating not only the speed at which complex geometries can be simulated and optimized for manufacturing, but also the efficient communication of the complex manufacturing data required to produce high performance engineering only possible with AM. Pan and the team have a wealth of experience in manufacturing simulation from welding though laser powder bed fusion and DED that we look forward to them sharing their insight to improve 3MF data communication moving forward.”

Duann Scott, Executive Director, 3MF Consortium

To learn more about PanOptimization and how PanX can help solve your most complex additive manufacturing build simulation and optimizations register for the 3MF hosted webinar, PanOptimzation : AM Simulation for Extreme Complexity Tuesday February 28th 2023 at 1:00 ET or reach out to the PanOptimzation to explore how PanX can help.