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How To Convert USD to Full Color 3MF from NVIDIA Omniverse

By March 3, 2023No Comments

Following is a tutorial produced by the team at NVIDIA on How To Convert USD to 3MF from NVIDIA Omniverse. The original article can be found via Omniverse Docs but we are reproducing here for easy reference. With the NVIDIA Omniverse™ 3MF Converter Extension, you can convert USD meshes in a stage into 3MF meshes with full color.

We recommend you check with the original source at NVIDIA for implementation as the documentation may be updated.


You can install the 3MF Converter Extension into an existing Omniverse Application with the Extension Manager.

Bring up the Extension Manager by selecting Window->Extensions.

Search for “3mf”. Select the omni.kit.converter.lib3mf Extension and click on the Install button.

Enable the Extension by clicking on the toggle icon.

Converting to 3MF Format

You’ll find a new menu option, Export 3MF, under the File menu once the Extension is enabled. Click Export 3MF to open the export window.

Export Selections
Pixar’s Kitchen Set example is used for this tutorial.

Open Kitchen_set.usd

Select the DiningTable_grp Xform. The converter will convert all the USD meshes under it.

Enter the desired export file name and path in the converter window.

Click Export Selected.

Note: Multiple selections are also supported. For example the users can select KitchenTable_1 and ChairB_1 to export a dining set that includes a single chair.

After the conversion finishes, you can view the result file in other software that supports 3MF such as Windows 3D Viewer.

Export Stage
Enter the desired export file name and path in the converter window.

Click Export Stage.

Open the result file in Windows 3D Viewer for verification.

Cancel Export
A progress bar is shown during the export process and users can cancel the operation at anytime by clicking Cancel Export.

Release Notes 01/03/2023
Version 1.0.2 Features
Export mesh, diffuse colors, and basic surface materials from USD to 3MF format.
Feature Limitations
Only OmniSurface, OmniSurfaceLite, and OmniPBR materials are tested and supported for exporting USD to 3MF.
Only primvars:st is tested and supported for texture mapping.
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