3d-ceramicWelcome to the inaugural post of the 3MF Consortium blog!

In this first installment, we note the growing momentum behind the adoption of the 3MF specification as we welcome four new members to the Consortium: 3D Systems, Materialise, Siemens PLM Software and Stratasys.  In joining our founding members — Dassault Systèmes S.A.; FIT AG/netfabb GmbH; Microsoft Corporation; HP; Shapeways, Inc.; SLM Solutions Group AG; and Autodesk Inc.— these forward-thinking organizations are making more than just a commitment to our new 3D file format standard. They’re making a powerful commitment to their customers and users, assuring them that they’ll derive even greater benefits from their products and services.

What kinds of benefits can they expect?  With better integration among printing devices, applications, services and operating systems, developers will find it easier to create great applications that can maximize the potential of the printing device. Users of these applications will find that their creativity is unleashed, as they can move from thinking about how to navigate the design process, to thinking about what object they want to design. The gaps between imagination, user requirements, and finished product will disappear.

We’re well on our way.  Today’s 3D printers are already capable of producing optimized, complex designs. Now, through the work of the 3MF Consortium, we are taking the actions necessary to ensure that object formats and data handling instructions are fully capable of describing the full richness of these designs so that they can be brought to vivid life.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.